The instruments of Fine AMISTAR Resophonics are made entirely by hand in the mother country of Resonator guitars. able to decode since Franta Javurek the alloy of the Cones in the 30s and 40s, the warm yet powerful sound of his instruments with lovers and professional musicians has spoken around quickly.

With much love and enthusiasm, he is an old, long forgotten processing in the manufacture of his instruments. The result makes the hearts of lovers of unique hand carvings and antique finishes racing.
Many musicians around the globe, therefore, play resonator guitars AMISTAR.


The idea began soon after the New Year of 1991, when I got my hands on a pre-war Tricone metal body National to use as a sample. It took us most of that year to research various materials, technologies, moulds, and construction techniques.

Then in December 1991, we made our first two Tricone bodies becoming the first on the market since the ending of the 2nd World War!

The New National Co. made some single cone, wooden bodies at that time. They started producing the tricones bodies beginning 1993-94. Our first Tricones (under the Continental brand name – were assembled in Munich by the AMI GmbH.) were exhibited at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, California at the SAGA booth.

Those were an absolute Sensation! Everyone wanted one immediately!

That was the beginning of it all.

Following the next year we made new moulds and introduced the Single cone and Single cone Cutaway models.

During the year 1996-97, we had ended the Continental production line, with the AMI Company. Soon afterwards, we started our own production line under the AMISTAR brand name and the first complete AMISTAR guitar was born in August 1997. I took 2 guitars to the NAMM Show in January 1998 and made our first distribution agreement for the USA!

We offer many custom-made piece parts and different production models.

We have made over 1,300 guitars until now.

We continue to create new models such as the narrow body metal Reso-Electric STAGER, Various 12 string Reso guitars, Reso tenors, wooden Reso guitars, custom engraving patterns, materials, electronics, plating, finishing...etc.

Amistar was the first to make the Vintage/patina finish for Reso guitars.
The models that we hand make are unmatched in the World.

We have even created a special stone resophonic guitar from the original acoustic Indian Marble "Verde Quatemala" in the year 2006. This was exhibited at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt, 2006.

We have developed and still produce the special piezo pickups for all our hand-made guitars.

We also have developed and make the special electronic Duotone system: el. mg. pickup + Amistar piezo pickup + blender, for all resophonic systems, including the spider system!

Our guitars are selling everywhere in the World.

We continue to receive very good reviews from all parts of the World and have many of the Worlds’ Best-known performers as clients.

We exhibit at the Musik Messe, Frankfurt, Germany and at the NAMM Show, in California (Amistar is a NAMM Member).

Amistar received the Annual Prize of John Dopyera 2003 at the DOBRO Festival, in Trnava, Slovakia.

We have established the World Resophonic Association and organize the annual Inter-Continental WRA Resophonic festival and events.

In the year 2007, Amistar has been placed in the renowned World's Book of "Who is Who" in the Czech republic.

We continue to celebrate Resophonic endeavors and hope you too will join us.

Sincerely, Frantisek Javurek, Amistar Guitars.